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    My new game, Clownpocalypse, is 31% funded at Kickstarter

    Hipster Ipsum provides "artisinal filler text"

    Related: Cheese or Font is what it sounds like

    Who will win?: Amazon vs Apple vs Google vs Facebook

    Apparently there is a real-life fight club in Silicon Valley: this short documentary explores

    Is there a "geek anti-intellectualism?" Larry Sanger says yes

    Has genre fiction infiltrated literary fiction? Honestly that would kind of be good for me

    New York magazine muses upon Joan Didion's long, sad life (and new book)

    N+1 reviews Teju Cole's quiet NYC novel, Open City

    Errol Morris explains his own book, in tweets

    Naomi Wolf explains her Occupy Wall Street arrest

    This short Lemony Snicket thing may be the best thing I've yet read about #OWS

    Generation X doesn't want to hear it



    Friday, October 21, 2011
    1:13 PM


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