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    weekly offering (sep 3-sep 9)

    The Man Booker Prize shortlist has been announced

    Experimental publisher Green Integer is selling cheap PDFs of great poetry collections

    Tiny book about New York City's "geologic understructure"

    Unutterably lovely title pages from New York City maps, circa 1885-1917

    "Still Life," a short story from what eventually became Falling Man, Don DeLillo's "9/11 novel" (via Instafiction.org)

    "9/11: The Winners." Village Voice article on the individuals, organizations, and companies that profited from 9/11

    The New York Book Review takes on the history of the National Security Agency

    Related: Giant new NSA center for storage of surveillance data

    Related: Now you can use your laptop's webcam to get surveillance data on anybody who steals your laptop

    Are Asian hill people secretly anarchists? The Chronicle of Higher Learning reports

    Are freelancers secretly the new Industrial Revolution? The Atlantic reports

    Earliest known stone tools are now even earlier

    Fallingwater replicated in Minecraft

    Yelp reviews in the style of Cormac McCarthy

    Dysfunctional mouse utopias

    Will there be a second video game crash?



    Friday, September 09, 2011
    8:06 AM


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