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    weekly offering (sep 17-sep 23)

    It's decorative gourd season, motherfuckers

    Subatomic particles appear to have broken the faster-than-light barrier, maybe

    "Occupy Wall Street" protests broken up by cops on Day Four

    100 "shut up"s from cinema history

    Ten great sentences from books debuting this fall

    Book recommendation algorithms are getting better

    A short reading list of literary books about sexuality, avoiding easy choices

    New York Review of Books on Nicholson Baker's new sex book

    Esquire on Colson Whitehead's new zombie book

    Thorough demolition of Gabe Zichermann's Gamification By Design

    Online gamers solve AIDS enzyme puzzle

    Venus Patrol is a videogame-culture Kickstarter project that hits all the right notes

    How soon until unmanned drones begin making the decision to kill? The Washington Post reports

    A short story about thirteen forms of apocalyptic rain (via Instafiction.org)

    VICE magazine has a NSFW section, which includes a surprisingly empathetic short documentary about a woman in Brazil who is famous for her ass

    Experimental guitar deconstructionist Fennesz has a new EP, available from Touch

    Also via Touch: DVD of four site-specific sound art performances in Chernobyl's Zone of Exclusion

    Freely downloadable Fela Kuti / De La Soul mashups



    Friday, September 23, 2011
    10:42 AM


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