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    weekly offering (sep 10-sep 16)

    Douglas Rushkoff looks hopefully towards a post-job world

    James Benning has a new experimental film featuring twenty smokers, smoking

    Scientists begin experimenting to demonstrate whether reading fiction improves your empathy

    Computers that write your news are getting better

    So are computers that predict the future

    This Slate critic really likes Steven Soderbergh

    Structure of the week: Psychedelic outsider art castle / labyrinth in Catalonia

    "Secret Servers," an interesting piece on the "architecture, aesthetics and perception of datacenters"

    Has the ascendance of "searching" eclipsed the pleasures of "browsing?" And what are those pleasures anyway?

    Kit for remixing your old board games into new ones

    Will DIY manufacturing create future patent snarls? Likely!

    "Thereof on Steroids," a list from McSweeney's.



    Friday, September 16, 2011
    8:55 AM


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