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    Google+ is (choose all that apply):
    (a) the "social backbone"; (b) a bowdlerized, G-rated environment; (c) the scourge of pseudonyms

    An elegant solution to the pseudonym problem

    Why it is a good idea to own your online identity

    Fast Forward, which loads a random MP3 blog

    Visual.ly, an infographic showcase

    Gather Here, a Cambridge craftspace

    Art made of meat

    Duplicate family members (via Instafiction)

    Scientists have isolated the saddest scene in film history

    Is porn bad for you? Scientific American reports

    The Economist on Republicans during the debt ceiling debacle: "economically illiterate and disgracefully cynical"

    The New York Times Magazine on the guys behind Dwarf Fortress

    Colson Whitehead is covering the World Series of Poker

    Lightning Bolt and the Flaming Lips have released a collaboration



    Friday, July 29, 2011
    8:58 AM


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