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    weekly offering (may 14-20)

    The race to develop paper-thin flexible displays continues

    A book that purports to be a "mesmerizing account of the evolution of machines and thoughts about machines, woven into a story about the evolution of intelligence"

    A book that purports to be a reliable history of Area 51

    Computers can develop schizophrenia and robots can invent their own spoken languages

    The trailer for Sleeping Beauty, a creepy-looking Australian movie about men doing things to women in their sleep: novelist Julia Leigh directs

    Hype about an unhackable, untraceable virtual currency

    The "periodic table of storytelling," made using stuff from the great TV Tropes

    Yugoslavian monuments that look like they're from the future (thanks Dave)

    Someone will be staring at a Jackson Pollock painting for forty hours

    A fake New York Times to add to this other one

    Article on "the future of war by other means"

    Guantanamo has had its sixth detainee suicide

    Excellent piece on the Haitian apocalypse, by the wonderful Junot Diaz

    Choose one: Hedonic opulence or eudaimonic prosperity?

    Turns out the guy who founded Blackwater is still doing covert stuff

    The Unabomber's personal effects are being auctioned by the government

    A a weird (post-apocalyptic) short film made by Dan Deacon and an animated Dan Deacon video made by someone else

    Empire-in-decline department: Check out this interesting video from the "California Is A Place" series:

    Cannonball from California is a place. on Vimeo.

    Offline: I saw Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams this week, and highly recommend it. I'm also reading Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower, David Foster Wallace's The Pale King, and Kafka's The Trial.



    Friday, May 20, 2011
    11:16 AM


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