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    film writing vs available time

    It may be a surprise to some of you to learn that the Too Many Projects Film Club is still going. I haven't updated the official Film Club blog in a good long while, although I do continue to update the master list of what we've watched.

    Part of the problem with blogging each film the Club watches is simply the steep time investment. Writing a little micro-essay on each film was personally very rewarding, in that it forced me to think more carefully and deeply about the films, but it literally took hours to draft those posts, and that's not even counting the additional time spent seeking out and capturing the screenshots. I live a pretty rich and full life, and when it got to the point where writing the essays was more stressful than it was rewarding, I felt that it was probably time to quit.

    All the same, it would be nice to mark the passage of the Film Club films with some sort of notification on the blog. For now, though, it'll have to be something more short-form. I've toyed with the idea of simply doing a Twitter post for each film (like my dismissal of Shortbus, Film Club No. 83), but I haven't been able to make my commitment to that idea stick.

    There are some other intriguing short-form approaches to film out there: I always liked the way "Jane Dark" was able to record one particular good detail from each film that (s)he saw over the course of a year. (Related: the "One Good Thing / One Bad Thing" game.)

    There's also the "10/40/70" method, in which participants restrict their commentary to screenshots taken at the ten-minute, forty-minute, and seventy-minute marks. That's a constraint which permits for a bit more writing but it at least minimizes the timesink of seeking out the "perfect" screenshots. But sometimes you can learn everything you need to know about a film just from a collection of screenshots, with no supplementary writing at all (Just one example).

    So what do you think? If you only had, say, an hour or less to record your impression of a film, how would you do it?

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    Wednesday, February 09, 2011
    11:09 PM


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