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    roadtrip music

    Have been spending time this week digging through my current iTunes library (~12,000 songs) looking for the tracks that sound the best when on the road. Have come up with an "On The Road" playlist of around 2,400 songs. Now I just need a six-day roadtrip to test it all out.

    [Note: I don't actually prefer giant playlists like that; they're too unshapely. So the On The Road playlist will actually form the raw material from which iTunes will auto-generate a "Smart Road Playlist," which will be a more-manageable 25 songs in total. So it can really be tested out perfectly fine on a shorter roadtrip of about two hours.]

    Anyone want to recommend a favorite album to listen to while driving?

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    Sunday, April 04, 2010
    11:49 PM


    Mates of State - Bring it Back
    John Cash - Folsom Live
    polyphonic spree - The Fragile Army
    Telekinesis - Telekinesis!
    Army Navy - Army Navy
    I have a ton of Cash on the playlist.

    I have only a little Army Navy and Mates of State on the playlist (most of which I got from you, via blogging). :)
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