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    aught music: 2005: "blood on our hands (justice remix)" by death from above 1979

    "Blood on our Hands" is an unfathomably sleazy track from Death From Above 1979's unfathomably sleazy album You're A Woman, I'm A Machine (2004). By "unfathomable," I mean something that's almost bordering on "incomprehensible": trying to parse the lyrics leaves you with fragmentary phrases ("But the things that I've done to you") that don't connect to anything else in the song, but which definitely sound disreputable.

    With this 2005 remix, the two French dudes in Justice have done something amazing: they have taken the original, scummed it up with the electronic squelch and big beats of European house music, and somehow made it even sleazier. Put this on when you want to feel adolescent and evil.

    Listen: Death From Above 1979 >> "Blood On Our Hands (Justice Remix)"

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    Monday, September 28, 2009
    8:45 PM


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