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    blinkout is live on the internet

    The first Flash game that Dave and I worked on together throughout the spring is now live on the Internet.



    Play Blinkout on King.com

    Play Blinkout on Newgrounds

    Play Blinkout on Kongregate (with Achievements)


    How good is your visual memory under pressure? You'll have to use both your agility and good resource strategy to navigate your spaceship through an increasingly hostile dimension. How far can you get?


    • Move ship with ARROWS

    • Illuminate levels with the SPACEBAR (costs energy)

    • Find the key and go to the gate

    • Regain energy by picking up charges

    • There are 8 levels that will repeat for 6 rounds. The charges are persistent across all rounds, so don't use all of them the first time around...


    The player will have to use their visual memory as most of the game is played in complete darkness. Illumination of the levels comes through collecting energy charges along the way. The catch is that a charge collected on an earlier level will no longer be available on later iterations. Charges picked up later are worth more energy, so the player will be able to manage their resources accordingly to make it to the harder rounds. In these later rounds the player is faced with greater energy costs for hitting a maze wall as well as greater costs for illuminating the level. The level time limit reduces and the movement speed increases. We realize this game is quite challenging and will likely intimidate at first as using visual memory, keyboard agility, and resource management together may prove to be a new experience for many players.

    We are very happy to have gotten the game sponsored by King.com and they have been great to work with.


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    Wednesday, August 05, 2009
    11:55 AM


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