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    aught music : 2003 : "while we have the sun" by mirah & ginger takahashi

    Here's my contribution to the roundtable on Mirah and Ginger Takahashi's album Songs From The Black Mountain Music Project, currently being discussed at Aught Music:

    This wonderful little album is valuable for many reasons, but not least because it functions as a documentation of a particular creative process. As explained in the liner notes:

    "Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn and Ginger Brooks Takahashi went to Black Mountain, North Carolina in the cusp between summer and fall of 2002 to create music ... For one month, Mirah and Ginger lived a life that combined summer's carefree nonchalance with autumn's diligence. They stayed in a friend's grandmother's house, rode bikes through the six-block town, cooked with vegetables from the garden across the street, and played music every day. And they invited friends to come down for a few days at a time and help make an album to document it all."

    One month is about a perfect chunk of time to complete a humble, human-scale creative project, and many of the songs on this album are essentially commenting on what it feels like to live a humble, human-scale, creative life. This crystallizes memorably on "While We Have The Sun," a tender meditation upon life and death:

    If you want to shake whatever separates you from

    The holiness you want to make your life on earth become

    Live your life with a compassion you can be proud of

    Then let your last breath fade away with dignity and love

    Listen: Mirah & Ginger Takahashi >> "While We Have The Sun"

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    Sunday, August 16, 2009
    10:30 PM


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