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    "i should have believed stalin"

    This video sums up exactly why I won't be going to see the Watchmen movie... a shame that the person who finally said it was... Hitler? [Contains spoilers.]

    For now, at least, I'll have to stick with my fond memories of the 1980s Saturday morning adaptation.

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    Friday, March 06, 2009
    1:55 PM


    I just saw it and enjoyed it in a way I didn't expect and can't quite explain. It wasn't better than I thought it would be or worse than I thought it would be, it was just different, and had a weird undercurrent that came from its homage to the 1980s as seen through comic books and superhero movies, and it was surprisingly insightful -- at least to me -- about certain elements of the book that I hadn't really picked up on. I wouldn't recommend it; and you know my taste in movies is kind of weird; but I just wanted to tell you that I saw it and liked and never felt like I wanted to up and leave in the middle, like I feared.
    I was very excited about how well Rorschach was depicted, and the reverence with which the large majority of the story was duplicated. I would say that Josh's comment that it was approximately the same kind of reproduction of the story as Lord of the Rings was is quite accurate. Most of it is excellent, and there are a few glaring problems. Hm. But mostly the squid, I guess. I didn't have any other major problems with it. But I've only read it once.
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