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    collaborative personalities

    Earlier today:

    Seriously, though, I really was surprised that seemingly no one has attempted to make a taxonomy of collaborative types. "Types of collaborators" yields 2,040 hits, few of them very useful. (By contrast, "types of assholes" yields 3,810, including "1 result stored on your computer.")

    Switching it into "collaborative types" yields 860 hits. "Collaborative personalities" yields 151. Trying to force Google to give me a typology by using simple numbers doesn't help much: "four types of collaborators" yields six links, and "three types of collaborators" yields none at all.

    I was reminded, during this search, of this interesting and provocative slideshow on "collaboration superpowers":

    ...but even that phrase, coined by the cunning Jane McGonigal, has gained little traction: I count only 152 Google hits.

    This is disheartening, given the many different ways that Internet has enabled new forms of collaboration. Anyone want to brainstorm with me on producing a document that will fill this need?

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    Monday, March 16, 2009
    2:37 PM


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