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    10 albums from 2008 (#1)

    1. Fuck Buttons, Street Horsssing

    In my imagination, the story goes like this: a couple of kids from the Bristol noise scene sagely decide to try to use structure and rhythm to harness some of the energy and intensity of noise music, in the interest of getting it to yield something amazing. And the amazing yield in question proves to be nothing less than—ecstatic beauty! Wild success. Interestingly, substitute "punk music" for "noise music" and you can see that acts like the Boredoms and Black Dice have also attempted a version of this experiment and attained identical results—indeed, look at Street Horsssing next to the Boredoms' Vision Creation New Sun and Black Dice's Beaches and Canyons.and it looks like nothing less than the disc that completes this decade's most awesome trilogy. Thanks to Nancy P. and Steve F., who both correctly intuited that I would like this album.

    Listen: Fuck Buttons, "Bright Tomorrow"

    And that concludes this year's top ten. Want them all in a single post for easier linking purposes? Try here. The MP3s should remain up for at least another few weeks.

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    Sunday, December 28, 2008
    9:54 AM


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