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    Spent much of yesterday making some tweaks to the look of this site. In general I'm trying to strip away excess visual clutter, deploying white space as a way to make the site clearer and more pleasant to read.

    The version that's up now is sort of ultra-minimalist; I'm not sure if I'll leave it like this or tweak it a little bit more in the coming week. Any comments you might have are welcome.



    Wednesday, October 01, 2008
    7:02 AM


    lack of clearly demarcated columns and boxes makes the compulsive ill. my visceral response is "NOOOOO!" accompanied by shallow nausea. So, it may be that you should keep it. I think it'll help the wake-up process.
    the white space around the screen caps looks killer.
    I was actually going to request that you keep the "My Library" section up. Alas, you did. Otherwise, the new layout is visually pleasing. Not that it wasn't before.
    The extra white space should allow me to post wider screen caps, I think. We'll see when we get to Modern Times.

    Jamie, thanks for the input! I'm glad the Library section is adding value to your perusal of the blog...
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