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    today's reading: ecology of games

    Katie Salen: "Born into a world where concepts like copyright, mastery, civic engagement, and participation are seamlessly negotiated and redefined across highly personalized networks ... today's kids are crafting learning identities for themselves-- hybrid identities --that seemingly reject previously distinct modes of being. Writer, designer, reader, producer, teacher, student, gamer--all modes hold equal weight. Where we used to call them player-producers, prosumers, or even multitaskers, we now just call them kids."

    I'm currently reading The Ecology of Games, an anthology edited by Katie Salen (the co-author of Rules of Play, which I wrote about here.) It's ostensibly an anthology of critical articles about games, but it's published as part of a six-volume series on "Digital Media and Learning" (part of the MacArthur Foundation's larger focus on the topic). Consequently, as the above quote may attest, it is ending up being about a whole cloud of issues surrounding the axis of gaming: education, adolescence, identity, literacy, skill acquisition, collaboration, and knowledge, among others.

    Even though I've only read the introduction so far, this book is shaping up to be a pretty fascinating read, and as part of my "I read books so you don't have to" initiative, I'm posting my notes and scavengings here. Enjoy~

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    Monday, October 06, 2008
    1:08 PM


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