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    The Street Where I Live
    Originally uploaded by jbushnell.

    Many of you know that earlier this year I accepted an offer to do some caretaking. I'm watching after a house owned by my cousins, a place that's been in the family since the time of my childhood. It's in rural Massachusetts, a little town called Halifax (pop. 7,500, according to this Wikipedia article), which means that for the first time in nearly twenty years I'm spending the bulk of my living time outside of the boundaries of a major US city. (I'm within walking distance of a commuter rail line, though, which means I'm not terribly far from Boston and its surrounding environs.)

    I thought readers of this blog might appreciate getting to see what my living quarters look like, so I've set up a Flickr set to show you around. Take a look! Notification of my change of address will be coming to many of you via e-mail sometime in the next couple of days.


    Sunday, August 10, 2008
    10:25 AM


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