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    Mostly-complete applications went out today to both MIT and Georgia Tech. I was pretty happy with my portfolio, which is a weird collection of things, including my "Ludological Failure" paper, a 2003 syllabus on the topic of "Digital Cultures," a tabletop strategy game ("Treefort Nations") that I designed for Invisible City Productions back in 2002, my old "Information Prose" manifesto, and all of Imaginary Year. I was pretty unhappy with the fact that my grad school transcripts didn't arrive in time to make it out in this packet. I think USPS might have screwed me on that one: I Express Mailed the transcript request on the 4th and paid for the return receipt, which still hasn't shown up at my apartment. Sigh. When the transcripts arrive, if they ever do, I'll send them along, and their absence until then might not matter that much—I know the work sample and letters of recommendation are more important—but I really hate the fact that I sent out incomplete applications, and there's at least a chance that my whole application will just go in the trash because of the missing pieces.

    Yes, pieces: the other thing that's missing is my GRE scores, because the ones I earned when I last took the GRE, in 1995 [maybe 1996], are long expired. I'll be re-taking the exam tomorrow morning and having the scores sent along ASAP. I've been doing Quantitative practice sets all week and am consistently getting around 40-50 percent wrong, which isn't exactly putting me in a positive frame of mind.




    Monday, January 14, 2008
    7:21 PM


    best of luck, jeremy!
    Thanks very much! As predicted, I did well on the verbal, and not as well on the quantitative (but should be passable). The new writing section was a cinch.
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