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    windy city drone

    The new issue of Signal to Noise (#47, Fall 2007) has in it a long-ish write-up on the Chicago "drone scene," taking as its fulcrum the festival I helped to organize this past summer, Fugue State.

    Below are scans of a few pages, for those of you who ever wanted to see my picture in a magazine (click for full size).

    Also please note that the Chicago debut of Flux Bouquet, a duo made up of Chicago melodic dronesters Chris Miller and Steve Fors, will be this Thursday night, at Schubas. Over and out.

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    Tuesday, October 02, 2007
    5:28 PM


    Damn, I will pick that up if I can find it.

    Nice beanie.

    - D
    Thanks. I kept believing that I could invest the backwards baseball cap look with enough of my own self that it would stop looking like a backwards baseball cap and start looking like some kind of weird devotional garb; glad to see it worked!
    That's a backwards baseball cap?!?!?

    Damn, it worked, couldve fooled me. I thought you and Chris had some sort of beanie pact going on.
    This is music to my ears
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