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    There are many reasons why one might want to go to see 300, but the one I can at this point most heartily advocate is that I can not think of a cultural artifact that is more clearly the byproduct of life under the Bush Administration.

    To wit: it's militaristic, it's stupid, it's racist, it's homophobic, it's openly contemptuous of anything that falls under the sphere of what we could broadly call "the humanities," it explicitly endorses hate as a virtue, it's terrified of the imaginary power of exotic enemies, it conflates compromise and submission, it conflates resistance and treason, it refuses to admit moral ambiguity, it invokes God while denying the value of spiritual experience, and its justification for all of these things is to utter and re-utter the name of abstract ideals (duty, honor, freedom) that it has absolutely no idea how to embody through actual choice and action.

    In conclusion, I will mention that I made the "jerking off" motion during two different sequences in the film, and that, in retrospect, this seems low.

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    Wednesday, April 04, 2007
    3:07 PM


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