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    poets on war

    Yesterday I posted a list... today I'm posting a list. Maybe we can make this a thing.

    Today's list is books on "US military expansionism" written in the past five years and recommended by the great Juliana Spahr at her blog, Swoonrocket. I've read only two on this list, K. Silem Mohammed's Deer Head Nation and Lisa Jarnot's Black Dog Songs, both are a lot of fun, which is a little bit odd to say about books on US military expansionism, but which is, in fact, true.

    Alice Notley, Alma, or The Dead Women

    Amiri Baraka, Somebody Blew up America

    Barrett Watten, Bad History

    Carole Mirakove, Mediated or Occupied

    Eliot Weinberg, “What I Heard about Iraq”

    Fanny Howe, On the Ground

    Judith Goldman, Deathstar/Rico-chet

    Jules Boykoff, Once Upon a Neoliberal Rocket Badge

    Rob Fitterman & Dirk Rowntree, War, a Musical

    Judith Goldman and Leslie Scalapino, editors, War & Peace 2: Poetry and Essays

    Jena Osman, Essays in Astericks

    K. Silem Mohammad, Deer Head Nation

    Kent Johnson, Lyric Poetry After Auschwitz

    Kim Rosenfeld, Trama

    Kristin Prevallet, Shadow Evidence Intelligence

    Lisa Jarnot, Black Dog Songs

    Meg Hammell, Death Notices

    Drew Gardener, Petroleum Hat

    Linh Dinh, Borderless Bodies

    Spahr—who wrote one of the best books I read last year— was here in Chicago on Friday, giving a talk at UIC, where I teach. In point of fact she was giving her talk in Room 2028 on a floor where my office is 2026. Despite this I missed the entire talk (I was teaching) and managed to slip in just in time to see the very tail end of the Q+A session. I did at least get to say "thanks for coming." But it still sucked.

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    Monday, March 05, 2007
    10:35 PM


    Thanks for posting Spahr's list. I am working on a similar poetry book list. Spahr's _...Lungs..._is, of course, on the top of the list. My admiration list also includes Aaron Kunin's _Folding Ruler Star_ on behalf of the poem(s) in that collection entitled "Five Security Zones." Obliquely or not obliquely, these blazons address war. Kunin says his poems address shame. Same diff.
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