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    Houston 2007

    Originally uploaded by jbushnell.

    Just got back from having spent a few days of my Spring Break in Houston. I had a good time, not least because I got to dust off the (new!) camera and take some pictures. Houston has some lovely rusted surfaces which made nice additions to my textures pile, but for those of you interested in seeing the Houston pictures that are more along the lines of the sorts of things normal people photograph (people, buildings, sculptures), I've arranged them for you in a Houston 2007 set.

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    Wednesday, March 28, 2007
    1:00 PM


    Ha! That is crazy, I was just in Dallas from the 24th til yesterday the 28th. I took some OK pics with the Yashica, although I think they may have gotten erased by the luggage X-ray machine.

    Nice set.

    What kind of camera did you buy?
    I "inherited" a Canon PowerShot G3 from a photographer (my stepdad) who was moving up to a fancier model.
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