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    "ruptures of diverse sorts" : some scavengings on collage

    Gregory Ulmer: "[C]ollage is the single most revolutionary formal innovation in artistic representation to occur in our century."

    David Antin: "[F]or better or for worse, 'modern' poetry in English has been committed to a principle of collage from the outset"

    Groupe Mu: "[To collage is] [t]o lift a certain number of elements from works, objects, preexisting messages, and to integrate them in a new creation in order to produce an original totality manifesting ruptures of diverse sorts."

    Ulmer again: "[C]ollage is the transfer of materials from one context to another, and 'montage' is the dissemination of these borrowings through the new setting [?]"

    Charles Bernstein: "[Montage is] the use of contrasting images toward the goal of one unifying theme" and collage is "the use of different textual elements without recourse to an overall unifying idea." [Questionable.]

    All quotes scavenged from Pierre Joris' "Collage and Post-Collage," in his essay collection A Nomad Poetics. And for anyone who wants to do further investigation along this axis, Joris also provides a whole list of "limit-breaking" artists who he sees as inspired or influenced by collage techniques, including:
    >p>Jerry Rothenberg (specifically his ethnopoetics + "total translations"), William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, John Cage and Jackson Mac Low, "Allen Fisher's epic-sized montaged procedural / processual works," and "the serial-epic visual collage work of the French writer and artist Claude Pelieu." Those last two are unknown to me but sound like they're worth investigating.

    Oh, and PS: one of my own collage poems, "Gjallarhornet," has just been published in the new issue (#15) of Brendan Lorber's "annual compendium of horrible mistakes," Lungfull!.

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    Wednesday, January 17, 2007
    5:56 PM


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