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    Ever since I migrated to the quote-unquote "new Blogger" (I think on New Year's Day) , I've been unable to use it to update any of my blogs at the imaginaryyear.com domain (including this one). I'm guessing that the error stems from my webhosting company, iPower, blocking the "new" Blogger IPs, and I promptly communicated this to the iPower tech support people, in the hopes that they'd be able to let me know whether this is or is not the problem. That was twelve days ago, and so far no luck, but I remain optimistic.

    Unrelated frustration: I just went down to Borders to return a book I'd inadvertantly purchased a duplicate of, and I decided I'd cash it in for a different book. But I spent a good hour wandering around Borders, looking mostly in vain for even a single book that felt like one I would like to own. I'm not sure why I was having such trouble. After all, I think of myself as an avid reader—I read close to a book a week, for God's sake&151;and there's absolutely no shortage of books that I'm interested in... but for some reason, there's just something about a Borders or a Barnes and Noble that just drains the life out of books for me. There are other bookstores that are the opposite: certain stores I can't walk out of without piling up a dozen great-looking books and then painstakingly winnowing it down to what I can afford. I'm not even necessarily saying that indie bookstores have better books; I'm sure that indie bookstores and corporate bookstores have a considerable amount of overlap in their selection. It must come down to the way the books are displayed, or something: one type of store makes books seem like desirable objects, and the other makes them seem like anonymous stock. Has anyone else had this same experience, or am I just losing it?



    Tuesday, January 16, 2007
    5:03 PM


    The only way to do the labels-updating-themselves thing is to publish your blog on Blogspot. They seem to believe that FTP publishing is the way of the dinosaur... They are now offering some sort of page forwarding service so that blogs with addresses other than blogspot can go directly to their new home on blogspot, where you can graphically edit the layout of your blog and get access to all their new widgets.

    At first, it made me want to switch to WordPress, but I may give in and migrate to blogger bets, mostly because I am too lazy to want to migrate my archives...
    Thanks for the tips!
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