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    Good news from the east: Manchester airport has free wi-fi. The bad news is that I arrived while everyone was busy with their respective Thanksgiving dinners, and will probably have to wait here for a few hours. My Thanksgiving dinner may be a jelly donut from the Dunk, which investigations have revealed to be the only establishment open in the entire airport.

    I'm out here on this coast for a Spring Conference staff meeting, and it will be good to see everyone... I'll be sticking around for a couple of days, and may even get to see the Antony Milton / Peter Wright / Geoff Mullen / Area C show in Boston on Monday (details here). The Milton / Wright US tour is skipping Chicago, hewing (as it is) close to the two coasts, and I feel lucky that it coordinates so tidily with my own jaunt this way.

    2004 Blastitude interview with Antony Milton located here: interesting in many places, but especially for the description of how Milton came to name his CD-R label "PseudoArcana":

    "[T]he name itself was intended as a critique of what has often seemed to be an elitist and high-brow perception of 'experimental' music. It is so often represented as an arcane and privileged discourse, and I guess I found that kind of problematic. The name is therefore a reflective way of saying that 'this is the type of music that people say is trying to be arcane but which is really just 'stuff that people do''."

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    Thursday, November 23, 2006
    5:57 PM


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