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    For a long time now, I've been interested in conceptual artworks that take the form of a set of instructions on how to produce a finished artwork... see here for an older post on the topic.

    One subset of this idea is the notion of a conceptual score, for music: that is, a piece where the score exists not in the form of standard notation, but as a set of instructions. I'm trying to build up a little collection of these things (here , for instance, are the instructions for LaMonte Young's piece Thanks).

    Anyhow, I spent a little bit of time today digging around the website of sound adventurer Bill Thompson (who came to my attention because of an event earlier this year where he recorded the interior of a burning harpsichord), and I found this compact little score which I thought worthy of reposting here:

    Five (1999)

    Gather five objects, distinct from each other, found in nature;
    gather five objects, also distinct from each other, that are man-made.

    From these objects, draw forth sounds.

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    Tuesday, November 21, 2006
    12:38 PM


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