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    Highlights of Thanksgiving weekend in New Hampshire / Vermont / Boston: dogs in varying sizes, friendships developing new layers of intimacy and candor, hard-won consensus and the relief associated therewith, David Foster Wallace's Oblivion on remainder at Harvard Book Store, Josh W. listening to Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love" in the car and loudly declaiming "What is this song even about?" Thanks to Craig for the Joanna Newsom tracks, and to everyone else for the crash space, food, conversation, and birthday well-wishes.

    Back home now. My hard drive now has an extra 40 GB of disc space, so I've been able to upload backlogged CDs to iTunes and resume my normal "media diet" of downloading shit from everywhere. This happy development has occasioned the retuning of some of my "smart" playlists, in the hope that Play Count and My Rating can be algorithmically combined in some perfect way that will reveal to me, as if by magic, exactly what it is that I actually like.

    Year-in-review CDs being composed in my head as we speak. Anybody else making one this year?



    Wednesday, November 29, 2006
    6:43 PM


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