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    So the label that I help to run, Rebis, just got written up in the Chicago Reader as part of an article on Chicago's "new drone scene." Friendly coverage is always auspicious, so in honor of the occasion, we've decided to hold a sale.

    There's two basic package deals available: you can either pick up our two long-form works compilations (one, two) for the discount price of $20 (normally $32), or you can pick up any two regularly-priced discs for $15. Hit the Rebis newsblog for details and the requisite "add to cart" buttons.

    Tomorrow is the kickoff for the folk-drone-psych-noise-centric Three Million Tongues festival; I'll be working as side-stage manager. Chicago-area readers of this blog, feel free to stop by and say "hello."



    Thursday, November 16, 2006
    6:28 PM


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