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    The full story of the past ten days will not be told on this blog, but suffice it to say that it contained many events that fall into the category of "Might Make A Funny Story Someday When I'm Not Quite So Stressed," such as: attempting to fit a large sectional couch into a house through a window, waiting on a curbside to give something away for free to a no-show Craigslist flake, levelling a stream of uncharacteristic invective at the carefree grifters at the U-Haul Fortress, getting a speeding ticket from the Texas Highway Patrol (75 in a 65-at-night zone), bursting into tears while trying to rearrange items in the trunk of a Toyota, and attempting to find a spot between Bates County, MO (pop. 16,653) and Memphis, TN that could photocopy five copies of a 200-page document before the close of the business day (special thanks to Blythesville, AR's Post Impressions for being that place).

    In any case. It's good to have those ten days behind me, even though it really only marks the beginning of something else, which may well prove to be strange and difficult in its own ways. Wish me luck.



    Friday, August 04, 2006
    12:08 PM


    Thanks for finding "Postal Impressions" when I was having a total meltdown.
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