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    character network visualizations

    Here's another screenshot of the Excel file that keeps track of the characters in the new novel. Chaps. 1-10, characters A-H showing:

    I've also been fooling around (in Illustrator) with some ways of visualizing the character network. Here's one attempt at visualizing the whole thing:

    And this is a different visualization of a smaller segment of the overall network:

    Thanks to CJO for help on that last one.

    I'm nearing the midpoint of the first draft, although I'm also mired in the weird abyss of self-doubt that seems to lurk at the center of every creative project: the place where I'm asking myself who, if anyone, will actually want to read this thing? Is it any good or am I just fucking around? Am I headed down a dead end? Is it worth it to forge on, or would I be better off pausing and taking the time to radically rework the earlier sections? The part of the week that wasn't spent helping people load things into boxes and storage containers was mostly spent reading the prose of writers who are way better than I am (John McPhee, Deborah Eisenberg) and trying, trying, trying not to completely succumb to despair.


    Wednesday, July 12, 2006
    2:22 PM


    Isn't depair part of the process? ;)

    Haven't forgotten that I owe you some feedback...
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