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    en route II

    Spent some time yesterday hanging out on Penn's campus, a great place to kill some time in the afternoon. Sitting outdoors, I worked my way through the first eight Max/MSP tutorials: I haven't done anything that even resembles audio processing yet, but after doing the arithmetical operators tutorial and the metro [metronome] tutorial, I was able to apply those skills to build a crude stopwatch:

    Only 45 more Max tutorials to go and then I get to move on to the MSP tutorials. Sigh.

    In other news, Philadelphia seems surprisingly crowded with unsecured wireless networks: this is the first time I've toured with a wireless-enabled laptop and I seem to be able to sneak onto the Internet almost everywhere I've been. Thanks, strangers.

    Last night wrapped up with Balkan food, a world cuisine with which I had previously been unacquainted. Tasty pork!

    Final note: I haven't been able to arrange to either check my invisible-city e-mail remotely or to have it auto-forwarded to a different account, so those of you needing to get in touch may want to use the "projects" e-mail instead.


    Thursday, May 25, 2006
    9:21 AM


    Hi there! I couldn't locate that other email address you mentioned so I figued, a comment would work?

    Anyways, I got a call from Columbia last week about my application. It was still lacking the recommendation. I'm sure you're very busy what with travelling and all that but I was just wondering what was the status of that.

    You can contact me at my UIC email or just dpadron@gmail.com. Thank you! Take care.
    anyways... it's your old friend Brian Sherman... you're in Philly and you haven't gotten in touch! I'm still living at the same place as last time - feel free to call me at two one five five one four zero two six three... going to Fluid tonight I think - oh, and delete this after you get the number, I get enough freaky calls! :)
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