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    Back from the East Coast tour, alive and well. Most of our sets went fine, although I accidentally took one down into a wretched oubliette from which there was no suitable escape: a personal low point. But the rest of the time we ran around and had fun, reconnecting with collaborators and co-conspirators far and wide (including some I didn't expect to see, such as the Skaters, who appear to be expanding a ramshackle tour into something approaching a semi-permanent way of life).

    About half the bills we played on were starting to swell to the point where they functioned almost as micro-festivals: the smallest one included four bands, with the biggest bill including somewhere around... eight? Although this made for some long evenings, it also enabled me to see a ton of great sets, including guitar-drum improv freakouts from Vampire Belt and Lambsbread; spastic drool-rock from Hardline Elephants; a teeming, chittering theremin-and-iBook drone from The Opera Glove Sinks in the Sea; drifting/pulsing Casio strangeness from Eva Van Deuren (aka Orphan Fairytales) and NYC outfit Watersports; and a couple of truly killer slabs of noise from our touring partners Birds of Delay, who just keep getting better and better, somehow. I think these guys are really at a turning point, on the cusp of supreme greatness.

    I picked up a huge ton of CDs on the road, and will maybe blog some MP3s once I begin to digest the pile a little bit.

    Oh, also, while we were gone, this Number None interview appeared on the Foxy Digitalis site: check it out if you want to see a picture of me wearing a funny hat.

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    Wednesday, March 29, 2006
    2:58 PM


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