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    Not too many posts lately, sorry about that. I didn't spend a lot of time on the Web this past week, mostly because I had a guest in town...

    I did manage, however, to find enough time to start playing around with del.icio.us, which so far seems like a great solution to my long-standing complaint(s) about the terrible design and flat-out unusability of browser-based "bookmarks." I could rant about this for quite a while, but the short version has to do with the difference between a hierarchy (bookmarks as links buried within folders within folders) and a network (bookmarks as links which can be multiply tagged and thus are "findable" through multiple points of inquiry). Plus the whole "tagging" system integrates almost seamlessly with my already-existing index-card keyword system. Anyway, anyone who wants to check out the assortment of bookmarks I've recently amassed as a preliminary go at the whole del.icio.us thing can check them out here.

    New long-form works compliation disc from Rebis should be back from the pressing plant this week; more news about the tour soon (although I will say that my solo set in Philly is sadly now off the schedule).



    Wednesday, March 15, 2006
    10:09 AM


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