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    I should know never to type phrases like "Expect a write-up here over the weekend, or Monday at the latest" into Blogger, because they never come true. Predictably, I gave up on Friday's poetry reading because we'd had a fairly substantial snowfall the night before, and the subsequent street-plowing had half-buried the car in a bank of gritty municipal slush. The prospect of digging the car out only to return an hour or two later to find "my" spot "stolen" by some other driver couldn't really compete against the prospect of sitting at home, drinking cocoa, and watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Does this make me a bad person?

    So, in substitution for a poetry write-up, I'd instead like to point your attention to this great talk by cartoonist / visionary Jim Woodring. It is practically a poem, ripe with fabulous phrases like "It can be difficult to resist the bizarre allure of furniture that is not ours" or "that one yellow leg was as perfect as a column of poured paint."

    The talk is "about" something but I'm not entirely sure what. It could be "prayer, knowledge, and biology." It could be "design, capitalism, and madness." People who are familiar with Woodring's work shouldn't really be surprised to find all these things melting together until they form a single cryptic concept.

    Postscript: While writing this post, I stared at this for a while.



    Monday, December 12, 2005
    1:16 PM


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