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    Forgive the lack of recent posting: it's the final week of the semester and everything's crushed together and overlapped, as usual. So, quickly then, here's the news:

    1. You can see an annotated photo of what I ate for Thanksgiving over at Flickr

    2. Chicago-area readers may want to note that my band, Number None, will be playing this Saturday, Dec. 3rd, at Hotti Biscotti (3545 W. Fullerton). We'll be opening for Zelienople, and the show is free.

    3. Rebis is now accepting pre-orders for Damp and Damned, a cassette-only release from Belgium's Sloow Tapes label. The two pieces on this tape are the result of a postal collaboration between Number None and Medroxy Progestone Acetate, aka the hermetic D. Bauler. DB took two tracks from Nervous Climates, (one of which, "Polar Kraken," you can now download as an MP3) and submitted them to a sequence of mystery re-recording techniques, returning them to us in a radically reworked form. We then dissected and reconstructed his reworkings until we had this 60-minute tape. The tapes come with a hand-cut "kraken" insert which is pretty cool. I'm not sure exactly how many of these we'll be getting, but to say that this run is going to be "limited" is, uh, probably accurate.



    Thursday, December 01, 2005
    4:07 PM


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