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    clawing at the low end of the frequency band

    This Sunday [November 27], my band, Number None, will be attempting to ritually convert Chicago's airspace into a single resonating antiprism through the use of technology provided by Loyola University's radio station WLUW. Thanks to Philip von Zweck and his fine program "Something Else" (which features "Sound Art, Electronic, Experimental, Improvised and Avant-Garde Music, Field Recordings, Soundscapes, [and] things beyond description") we'll be able to begin this process somewhere shortly after 11 pm Central Time.

    Chicago residents can hear us on call number 88.7, but out-of-range listeners hoping to darkle their own zip code can tune in to a live webcast (available through the "listen live" link on the station's homepage). To best witness the effect we suggest you point the speakers out the window and towards the waning moon. Thank you.



    Thursday, November 24, 2005
    6:10 PM


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