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    Special note to Chicago-area Raccoon readers:

    Expect a manifestation of bad drone magic tonight at Chicago's famed Empty Bottle, as Number None (my band) opens for the semi-mythical White/Lichens (Jeremy Lemos from White/Light in collaboration with Rob AA Lowe aka Lichens).

    Also on this bill will be The Zoo Wheel, the solo project of Liz Payne (from Thrill Jockey minimalists Town and Country) and Maths Balance Volumes, a "black-clad teenage cult" from Minnesota. And, oh yeah, lest I forget, it's free. Stuff starts around 9:30.

    The Zoo Wheel, White/Light, and Lichens will all be contributing material to Lead Into Gold, a compendium of alchemical confusion which should be available from Rebis sometime around the dead heart of winter.

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    Monday, October 10, 2005
    2:22 PM


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