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    Military presence in Iraq likely to continue, despite Obama's promises to bring troops home

    Have US citizens been killed already by drones? Oh, yeah, including a sixteen-year-old kid

    The "super-entity": data visualization reveals 147 companies that control 40 percent of the wealth in the global network

    An Occupy Wall Street magazine published by N+1

    Occupy Oakland gets ugly, hands protestors a moral victory

    Microsoft's vision of the future: touchscreen interfaces everywhere, although the QWERTY keyboard also persists

    Irony report: Game critic Ian Bogost devised a wicked parody of Facebook games that became more successful than he may have intended

    Do gamers make great bodybuilders? CNN reports on gamified fitness system Fitocracy

    Magic Cards With Googly Eyes

    National Geographic rounds up some recent research on the adolescent brain

    Which is more important: talent or perseverance?

    What Lynda Barry has been up to since closing up shop on Ernie Pook's Comeek

    Why Frank Oz isn't doing the new Muppet movie

    Incredibly bizarre story about a Ukranian movie set that takes over a town, may be becoming dystopian cult

    The Periodic Table of Swearing, a device

    Subculture watch: Urban woodsmen in New York City



    Friday, November 04, 2011
    6:24 PM


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