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    weekly offering (nov 5-nov 11)

    Fascinating review of Fallout: New Vegas downloadable content that is actually about solipsism, character, and empathy

    Zynga is bad to their employees

    Klout is evil (and possibly illegal in some places)

    Fitocracy, a "gamified" fitness system, may be good for you

    Also good for you: coworking

    Great argument against Microsoft's "touchscreen future" that I linked to last week

    A cautionary tale about trying to express nuance on the Internet (by the always-nuanced Nitsuh Abebe)

    This review of the Lou Reed / Metallica collaboration has now been added to my bad reviews file

    New Chihei Hatakeyama and Minamo albums available through Room 40

    New Oneohtrix Point Never album streamable here (and some interesting notes on process here)

    Tabloid's Joyce McKinney is suing Errol Morris

    Wener Herzog has completed a documentary about the death penalty

    Rachel Maddow accuses Herman Cain of being a piece of audacious performance art

    "Herman Cain don't give a shit" (a parody of this)



    Friday, November 11, 2011
    8:00 AM


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