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    weekly offering (nov 12-nov 18)

    Free 43-track compilation of drone/ambient/minimalist goodness

    First-ever short story collection from Don DeLillo now available

    This documentary about Roger Corman looks entertaining

    Trailer for Brave, Pixar's first film with a female protagonist (and director)

    Short films about things (knives, beer) made by hand

    Salaries of college graduates are in "steep decline"

    New York Review of Books remarks on several other problems facing the contemporary university

    New book on the dangers of monoculture

    The week in structures: Google Maps finds bizarre grids in the Gobi desert

    Videos of the rather lovely projections on the Verizon building during yesterday's NYC march

    Related: The Long-Range Acoustic Device is on Twitter

    Feral raccoon suit



    Friday, November 18, 2011
    10:23 AM


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