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    Should you quit?

    Related: Will a dramatic pay cut for the voice actors kill The Simpsons?

    More commentary on the possibly permanent end of jobs

    The Harvard Business Review's Umar Haque attempts to place the various global uprisings into a single "Metamovement" (Also of note: Haque, a Londoner, on the Great Splintering of the social contract)

    Douglas Rushkoff appreciatively explores the apparent inchoateness of the continuing Occupy Wall Street protests

    Or you could read this gripping first-person take on negotiating privilege, revision, and the consensus process

    The New Yorker approaches the topic of black metal

    William Gibson appreciates Steve Jobs

    Longform.org's collection of Steve Jobs interviews and speech transcripts

    Werner Herzog to attempt to kill Tom Cruise (fictionally)

    Mystery shortwave radio tower in Russia



    Friday, October 07, 2011
    9:24 AM


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