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    weekly offering (aug 27-sep 2)

    I decided to start a newspaper for fiction

    Litmag of the week: Slake, edited by former LA Weekly editors Laurie Ochoa and Joe Donnelly

    Issuu wants to help you produce a nice-looking digital magazines

    Short but rewarding William Gibson interview at Boing Boing

    20 good hip hop albums that came out so far this year

    The Revenant Gospels (streaming on Soundcloud) is a great chopped and screwed mix featuring only deceased vocalists (via @gpe)

    Dead Presidents reincarnated as horses at Granta (via Instafiction.org)

    Philosopher Steven Shaviro writing thoughtfully on the extreme Serbian film Life and Death of a Porno Gang

    Capitalism runs amok in new French dystopian film Carre Blanc

    IBM is building the world's largest data repository (120 million gigabytes) for an "unnamed client"

    The Navy is investigating a combination laser cannon / machine gun (2.8 million dollars authorized on a prototype)

    Plane used in the rendition / torture program owned by Fenway Sports Group vice-chairman, was also used to fly the Red Sox

    Perhaps something for your Every Day Carry?: Wallet-sized cards outlining your rights if you get arrested or pulled over

    Contents of my emergency preparedness box

    Gabe Zichermann's retort to Ian Bogost's "Gamification is Bullshit" rant

    Adorable-looking 8-bit puzzle platformer for iPad / iPod, probably hard as hell

    This week, I've been playing Cogs



    Friday, September 02, 2011
    9:17 AM


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