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    weekly offering (july 9-july 16)

    An explanation of an eighteen-word Mitch Hedberg joke

    New fictional fragment from Ben Marcus (via Instafiction)

    New translation of a one-paragraph Kafka story (via Instafiction)

    Clay Shirky on the "new news environment"

    Jared Diamond on agriculture (Spoiler: "the worst mistake in the history of the human race")

    Nitsuh Abebe on the changing demographics of pop music, and why young people might be OK after all

    Penny Arcade on education (kinda NSFW)

    Elizabeth Stevens on the Muppets

    Trailer for Errol Morris' Tabloid (opens tonight)

    Trailer for Phase 7, a charming-looking Argentinian spoof of apocalyptic films (opens tonight)

    Trailer for Henry Waltz, an animated steampunk film that doesn't exist yet

    A former Pixar animator makes a kids' book for the iPad

    Kickstarter helps science

    Incredibly moving video about a guy selling books out of his apartment in NYC

    Meditations on the demise of the Shuttle program, by residents of Titusville, FL ("Space City USA")


    Friday, July 15, 2011
    8:53 AM


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