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    weekly offering (may 28-june 3)

    The Pentagon says cyberattacks can be treated as acts of war | NATO document says hacktivist group Anonymous may be a threat to the security of member states | Do hacktivist groups constitute a kind of Arab Spring of the West?

    New documentary about real-life superheroes

    New book about the underground economy in human flesh

    Prisoners forced to grind for virtual gold

    More about bitcoins

    Winners of a "worst Powerpoint slide" contest

    Intimate surveillance (as opposed to the more old-fashioned kind)

    The current state of your right to abortion

    Trailers for ominous thrillers: the red-band trailer for David Fincher's forthcoming Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and, maybe more interestingly, Denmark's M for Markus

    Two animations: a spider fights a moth | a lamb replicates itself

    500 posters in 02:15

    Tiny visual poems made from dog-eared pages

    Various noise-music veterans (myself included) reflect on living the #noiselife

    Regrets of the dying

    Currently streaming on Netflix: Guillermo del Toro's early film The Devil's Backbone: a kind of ghost story about children and traumatic witness. Recommended!



    Friday, June 03, 2011
    9:08 AM


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