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    weekly offering (june 18-24)

    Fifty-story "ghost tower of Bangkok"

    Grant Morrison's new book: memoirish meditation on the figure of the superhero

    Trailer for Super Meat Boy, a 2D platformer that raises difficulty to the level of nearly abstract art

    Trailer for the new Muppet movie

    Trailer for an interesting-looking documentary about the New York Times in the age of social media & Wikileaks

    LulzSec releases huge cache of Arizona police officers' personal information and e-mail attachments; Boing Boing reviews some of the highlights

    The FBI may have accessed an Instapaper server Tuesday morning in a mixup / illegal infograb (choose one)

    Military microdrones

    The Yes Men intend to travel to the Cayman Islands and expose tax exploits; Kickstarter reports and is helping to raise the money

    Unflattering profile of loathsome Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann

    Implanted stem cells allow organisms to grow the organs of other organisms

    The New York Times on the rise of unorthodox family structures and family-like support networks

    John Perry Barlow's wonderful list of "adult principles"



    Friday, June 24, 2011
    8:48 AM


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