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    i made this, part one: "know your polyhedra" six-button set

    OK, so this is the part where I start talking about things I've made, like I promised.

    First up is my recently completed six-button set, "Know Your Polyhedra." Anyone who has done much in the way of tabletop gaming should instantly recognize the commonality between these six dice geometric solids:

    They come in a nifty little packet with a hand-numbered inlay card:

    Mostly I just wanted to show these off, but if you're enough of a math nerd or a gamer geek that these make you itch with desire, I'll shoot a set your way for $5.95—less than $1 per button! Just pop in on my humble Etsy storefront. The proceeds are going into the coffers of another gamer-related project that's in the pipe... but more on that later.

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    Saturday, January 23, 2010
    2:27 PM


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