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    1. My friend and writing workshop compatriot Amy Clark has been responding to the economic downturn by launching Stop Buying Stuff Magazine, a web-zine devoted to exploring and celebrating "those parts of our lives untouched by corporate greed." What does that include? Telling stories, playing games, and making shit out of cardboard boxes... basically the kinds of things that my circle of friends tend to enjoy. They need "recipes, crafts, art, stories, resources, games, songs, poems, letters, drawings, images, riddles, [and] instructions," so get on that.

    2. My friend and collaborator Dave Evans spent much of March and April developing and promoting a whimsical Flash game, Orange You Glad. It's now gotten its sponsorship and is live on the Internet: so it's time for me to invite everyone give it a whirl.

    What have you been up to? Anything I can link to?

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    Tuesday, May 12, 2009
    8:07 AM


    Some of my friends have started a website: http://www.collisiondetective.com/

    The primary focus is supposed to be on videogames and video/audio technology, which I know nothing about. I'm going to be supply some literature essays to mix it up a bit.
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