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    So I've been playing around with Last.fm enough now that it's begun to serve up recommendations for me... But take a look at this list:

    The near-total lack of signifying language here delights me, even as it reveals something about my lifelong pursuit of oddity.

    It is also perhaps worth noting that I recently took something called the "Eclectic" quiz, which uses a script located here to take the top 20 artists in your Last.fm profile, and then collect the top five "similar artists" of each of these 20. Combining any duplicates, the resulting number of unique artists is your quote-unquote "eclectic score." Since this post is obviously shaping up to be a brag, I don't hesitate to post my results here:


    The script is kind enough to print out the full list of "similar artists" that pops up: the 87 related artists for my profile are:

    !!!, Aaron Dilloway, Aen, Aki Tsuyuko, Animal Collective, Antony Milton, Avarus, Belle and Sebastian, Ben Reynolds, Birchville Cat Motel, Boards of Canada, Braspyreet, Broken Social Scene, Burning Star Core (2), Caribou, Cat Power (2), Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, DJ Danger Mouse, Daft Punk, DangerDoom, Dialing In, Diplo, Directing Hand, Double Leopards (2), Feist, Fonica, Four Tet, Fourcolor, Fursaxa, Go Home Productions, Hala Strana, Hot Chip, In The Country, Iron & Wine (2), Islaja, Joanna Newsom (2), Junior Boys, Keijo, LCD Soundsystem (2), Lady Sovereign, Lau Nau, Lenlow, M. Ward, M.I.A., M.I.A./Diplo, MF DOOM, Madlib, Manitoba, Massive Attack, MoHa!, Mouthus, Naph, Neutral Milk Hotel, Noah Opponent, Okkervil River, Paavoharju, Peter Wright, Phonophani, Pilchard, Quasimoto, Ratatat, Rilo Kiley, Röyksopp, SPUNK, Sack & Blumm, Sawako (2), Seht, Sogar, Spank Rock (2), Spoon, Sufjan Stevens (3), Svalastog, Taurpis Tula, Taylor Deupree, The Arcade Fire, The Dead C (2), The Decemberists (3), The Knife, The Rapture, The Shins, Thievery Corporation, Viktor Vaughn, Wolf Parade, Xiu Xiu, Zero 7, dj BC, of Montreal

    Boldface means I never heard of them.

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    Tuesday, September 18, 2007
    7:03 PM


    (email sent to jeremy@invisible-city.com bounced back. also email to sleepingjpb@livejournal.com bounced back. will post as comment)

    Sack & Blumm are brilliant. I highly recommend if you like The Books, or other quirky/toy music. (albums "Kind Kind" and selftitled)
    They are music profs who send DATs back and forth in the post.

    Also Niobe is similar/great. (albums "Tse Tse" and "Radioersatz"),
    and Daedelus. (albums "Rethinking The Weather" and "Invention")
    and Kunstler Treu. (album "My Sketchbook Of Whack")

    Ratatat and Junior Boys are indie electronic pop.
    Zero 7 is triphop (alpha, portishead, tricky -esque)

    I don't recognise the rest of the bolds.

    blanketfort on gmail
    Hey, Nick, long time no hear from you!

    I'll send you an e-mail with my fresh address. :)
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