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    raccoon audio: wake up wake up

    Getting up in the morning can sometimes be a challenge. And this challenge is complicated by the difficulty of finding the right sound to wake up to. I don't like the harshness of alarms, and the radio's not really an option either: I can't stand waking up to commercials, and the commercial-free alternative provided by NPR is... well, that's really a whole separate rant, that I'll spare you for now.

    Determined to wake to music, I picked up a CD-playing alarm clock a few years ago, which kicked off a whole investigation of which CDs are better to wake up to than others. Recently, I've really been enjoying waking up to albums by the duo Lullatone.

    As the name implies, this track, "Wake Up Wake Up," (from 2004's Little Songs About Raindrops) is just about a perfect song to hear first thing in the morning. It is absolutely gentle in every way, but it won't put you back to sleep either: it has an electronic glitchiness about it that delicately stimulates your ear until you're ready to rise.

    Lullatone's newest release, Pajama Pop Pour Vous (2006), goes it one better by beginning with "Good Morning Melody," which has all the same strengths as "Wake Up Wake Up" only with the addition of breathy vocals, sung in Japanese-inflected English, about getting up and starting your day. It is so cute it makes me just about want to die of pleasure: your mileage may vary.

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    Wednesday, February 21, 2007
    10:35 AM


    I heard he did a cover of Pajama Pop Pour Vous.

    Seriously, I am embarassed for you.
    But remember!: "Saccharine" is its own genre, and like any other genre, there can be good and bad work within it.
    I just like to judge books and records by their titles. You can get through a lot more titles that way. I still think that The Invisible Man is sci-fi.
    In the same way that I think e.e. cummings' The Enormous Room is an architechture book.
    With no pictures!
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