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    Now that I'm able to publish this blog again (see rant), I'm going through and adding "labels" (aka tags) to all the posts in the archives. This blog recently turned five years old, though, so it might take a while... but I've never been one to shy away from a project, especially if it involves elaborate indexing.

    As part of the overall improvement-making, I've also set up an Atom feed for those of you who want to read the blog through an aggregator. That's accessible over there in the sidebar, or direct through this link:


    If you'd prefer an RSS feed, try this one, provided via LiveJournal:


    Also note: the combo of Atom feed and Blogger labels allows people to make their own feeds for a specific label. The syntax for that is this:


    Replace "labelname" with one of the labels I'm using. The selection will end up being pretty similar to the selection of tags I'm using at del.icio.us. If I can find a way to make Blogger display all the labels in a list, I'll do it (this currently seems impossible given my current "Classic" template).

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    Saturday, January 20, 2007
    4:55 PM


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